Who is it for

Who is it for

If you're looking for a new RF solution for SAP, you don't want it too old, too expensive, or too complicated. That is why we created iRF for SAP

Latest Technology

You don’t want the 15 year old SAP RF Framework. iRF for SAP is made from the latest mobile technology.

Most Advanced Mobile Platform

You don’t want to spend $2,000 for a RF device from Zebra running Windows CE 6.x. Get an iPod Touch for $199.  

Small System Footprint

Scared of the big SAP Mobile Platform? Download our solution. 4 MB only.  

Business Ready Solution

Confused with SAP mobile strategy? iRF for SAP is a business ready solution. You don’t need to build your own from scratch.

Totally Free

Uncertain about the licensing cost and implementation cost of other solutions? Get ours for free.

Support Apple Watch

Improve productivity by free up both hands. Enjoying hands free picking with the world’s most popular wearable computer.


See it to believe it


How it’s made

iRF is the Next Generation RF Solution for SAP

There was a time early in my computing career that Windows CE (aka Pocket PC or Windows Mobile) was the best mobile platform. In those days telnet was a good choice for client-server computing. We were thrilled that these 32 MB handheld machines could connect to SAP. And they worked well with the SAP RF Framework.

So here we are, 15 years later. The iPhone showed its beautiful sexy self and changed everything in the mobile world. SAP moved on from R/3 to ERP to HANA and things are so much better. Despite all the other advances in the ERP and mobile computing, SAP RF is still stuck in a text mode underworld staying with the dark.

iRF is our next generation RF solution for SAP. We bridge the gap between the two great systems. We replaced SAPConsole and ITSmobile with our iConsole, the middleman translating SAP to iOS language. Telnet server and client are no longer required. We made our iRF a native iOS App. It is not just an advancement in technology. We share the same software design philosophy. We don’t add features simply because we can. We took away many elements that don’t add value. We add them only if that makes sense. Every detail has been thought through. And through.





iRF Core

Core Logistics Functions

  • GR by Purchase Order
  • GI by Delivery
  • Stock Inquiry
  • Storage Location Transfer
  • Physical Count
  • Batch Management

iRF Pick

Hands Free Picking

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Support Apple Watch
  • Hands Free
  • Picking by Transfer Order
  • Pick and Pack
  • Batch Management

Our Values

iRF for SAP is a business ready solution. It provides hundred thousand dollar return on investment by improving your warehouse efficiency. It saves 85% total cost of ownership over other RF mobile solutions.



Q. What is the iRF for SAP?

iRF is the next generation RF solution for SAP. We aimed to replace the SAP RF Framework (LE-MOB, SAPConsole, ITSmobile and Windows CE handheld). iRF consists of 2 parts: the iConsole middleware and the iPhone apps. 

Q. What is the iConsole?

iConsole is a middleware between SAP and the iPhone apps. It runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Windows Server.

Q. What are the apps?

We created 3 iPhone apps: iRF Core, iRF WM and iRF Pick. They are the user interface. They run on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Free download from the App Store

Q. Does iRF for SAP cover all RF transactions (LM*)?

Yes, 90%. We have some other features which are not in the SAP RF Framework.

Q. Does iRF for SAP support S/4HANA or industry solutions like AFS, IS-Retail, IS-U, ...?

Not sure. We tested iRF on SAP ERP 6.0 with and without Enhancement Package. 

Q. Do I need SAP Mobile Platform or Netweaver Gateway?

No, all you need is the SAP ERP system.

Q. How long will it take to install iConsole?

Less than an hour. 

Q. How does iRF for SAP compare to SAP Mobile Platform, Fiori, and Cloud Platform SDK for iOS?

iRF for SAP is a business ready solution. It provides immediate value to the company. Our solution has the smallest system footprint, fastest implementation, easiest to manage, and fastest UI response.

Q. What SAP authorization is needed?

Authorization object S_RFC for calling from external system. And authorizations for the MM and WM transactions. 

Q. Do I need to import any program or change any configuration to my SAP system?

No, except 1 optional feature need your ABAP developer to copy a standard function to a Z function to enable remote calling.

Q. No Android or Windows Phone support?

No, not at this time. 

Q. What devices does iRF App work with?

Works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch with iOS 10 or newer. iRF Pick requires Apple Watch with watchOS 3 or newer.

Q. Does iRF App support barcode scanner?

Yes, iRF Pick supports barcode scanner. We are coding with KDC200i and KDC300i from KoamTac.

Q. How many iRF devices does iConsole support?

It easily scales up to hundreds. 

Q. How do I get help or support?

Please email us at We only offer email support. Our support hours are 9am-5pm (China Time) Monday-Friday.

Q. Why iRF for SAP is free. What's the catch?

We want you to visit other app from us, FingaPass. We also work for tailor-made iPhone and Apple Watch app that interfacing with SAP. Those are our main businesses. Please contact us if you have any need. 



If you have any problem with iRF, please email us at


Unlocking the business value of mobility

- Jeff Wallace

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